Michael Ward was born on September 29th, 1978. After his arrival, on the way home a car jumped in front of his father’s vehicle, causing a severe accident that seriously injured Michael. Doctors today label him as having cerebral palsy.

Michael’s mother and father were both artists. It was always an adventure tracing over the lines of his mother’s drawings, coloring the world as he imagined. Objects and shapes became a big part of Michael’s life, but it was not until his adulthood that he became confident and ready to expose his work.

Throughout high school, Michael was always considered an outcast. However, this only made him more real, providing the extra push and fire beneath his feet to find his Superman. Soon he and the pencil became inseparable. Michael’s drawings speak for themselves. Only your eyes can analyze the theory behind his inner madness. The conscience, as Michael smiles, is Obsurd. It is something for everyone to question.